Tea Time

So what IS Tea Time???


So, you made it to my page!  Tea Time is the name of my LLC company that I developed in 2017, in Lansing, Michigan. 

As with most things I do, there is much involved in the creation of Tea Time.  Not only do I love tea of all different kinds, my nickname is also Tea haha! 

 I often schedule Tea Time with people, for a one hour session, where we can talk about whatever is on their mind, with whatever tea they would like to have (I HAVE A KIND FOR EVERYONE!) and at the end of their tea time, they often leave relieved, motivated, uplifted or simply in a better mood.  

Being that I am a Reiki Master, current audio engineering student, and an artist, I often observe in ways that most people overlook, so I offer great advice.  I only require that you're honest. Hones-Tea is the best policy! ;) 

 With the current covid restrictions and the new addition to my family, I have had to reduce Tea Time to virtual Tea. 

As a young girl, I often came over to visit my amazing grandmother Nancy Hammond, and she would always put on some tea! Tea for T she would say! She always had some sort of treat with it. We would talk about many things and if I had any questions about life, she would offer me her wisdom and I soaked up every moment of it! 

My grandmother was in the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame for her contributions to women's rights here in Michigan, so I always left her home feeling a sense of peace and empowerment. 

 My aim is to continue her work of inspiring and empowering women (and men) in that aspect the best way I can, but my time is VERY limited. 

Traditional Tea Time, originating back to England, in the early 1800's which I do have in my bloodline was the time in between lunch and dinner, to tide you over.  A boost if you will! ;) 

My logo includes the white rabbit, (with my own spin on it ofcourse) because not only am I a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, hate being late, but the rabbit is my chinese zodiac sign!

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***Every Tuesday 2-5pm.

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